Tuesday, December 15, 2015

SMS Giveaway Winner!!

Thank you all so much for participating, I had a good time reading your comments. A special thank you for all the books suggestions; I have now plenty of new books I am looking forward to reading.

Congratulations to Carmen! You are the winner of the Tinsel FQ Bundle.
(I will email you shortly)

Here is her comment:

"Thank you for a fabulous giveaway! Makes me feel Christmas-y already:D The last photo I took on my phone was actually of a fortune cookie fortune: "Your curious nature will take you somewhere special." Pretty good, I think! Cheers and happy holidays!"

Thanks everyone for participating!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Hello and welcome, It's time for another SMS Giveaway!
 It's a fun way to discover new sites and take chances at winning fabulous prizes ... Click HERE and HERE to view other SMS giveaways.

If you are visiting for the first time, my name is Maryse, I live in Florida and spend time as well in the Eastern Townships of QC Canada. I sewed all my life, mostly clothes but have been quilting for the last 7-8 years ... On this blog, I share my enthusiasm for quilting and the things I make.

Being so close to Christmas, I thought it would be fun to give away some Christmas fabrics. Sooooo ... I am giving away a Tinsel FQ Bundle by Alexia Marcelle Abegg and Melody Miller for Cotton + Steel. You will get 12 FQs, one of each print, three yards total.

So, to enter:

1. It's easy-peasy! Leave a comment, answer ONE of these questions (just pick one).

a) What was the last picture you took with your phone, be honest??
  b) Tell me about one of your favorite people you follow on IG. 
c) Have you read a good book lately? Please share, I do love a good read.

2. You get an additional entry, if you are a follower. Just leave a separate comment letting me know you do and how.

3. You get also an additional entry if you are an IG follower - @maryse260, leave your @username in a separate comment.

*This giveaway is open to everyone and international entries are welcome as well. You have until 6pm Sunday, December 13 to enter the giveaway, a winner will be chosen randomly and will ship next week.

*If you are a no reply blogger, please make sure you leave your email address in the comment. If I can't reach you, unfortunately I will pick another winner.

Best of luck!!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Today is all about Quilty365; I am a bit late to join the December party but as they say, better late then never. Quilty365 is a fun Quilt-A-Long hosted by Audrey at Quilty Folk. You can read all about it HERE and you can click HERE to see what everyone else is doing. It's not too late to join, you can jump in at any time!

I can't tell you how much I love this project; I look forward every day to make my "squircles".
Making the circles has become part of my daily routine. It doesn't take much of my time to make them; just about about 20-25 min. to make a complete circle unit each day and I still have plenty of time to work on my other projects.

My journey began on November 5th and today is day 32, so far I have been keeping up with this project, and I have now 33 circles ... (circle for tomorrow included in the picture). My plan is to keep it simple, and hopefully, I will have a quilt to show by the end of 2016, early 2017.

Here is how I prepare my "Squircles".

To prepare my circles, I use two templates, the first one is made out of plastic, this one has a 1/4" seam allowance added all around and I use it to trace the circle onto the fabric. The second one is made of a recycled cardboard box, and this one represents the finished size of my circle and I use it to press the edge under.

 Once I picked my fabric, I trace my circle onto the fabric using the plastic template, then cut on that line. I do a quick running stitch at about 1/8" from the edge all around the circle (see blue circle), making sure I leave a 2" tail on both ends. 
To press the seam allowance under, I use the template made out of cardboard, I place the template on the wrong side of the circle then pull both threads and press. Remove the template, you might need to pull the threads again to put it back in place, I do a final press. Some people like to use starch; I don't find it necessary. I don't remove the basting thread; I cut the tails after it's been sewed, at the same time I remove the extra fabric in the back.

    Alternative method with the sewing machine.

    You can also do this step with the sewing machine but beware that some machine are capricious and doesn't like to do this.  This is the method I used to prepare all my clamshells when I made my clamshell quilt; once you get the hang of it, you can do this fast. I set the stitch length at 5 (this is the longest stitch on my machine) then I sew all around the circle at about 1/8" from the edge leaving tails at both ends.

    *When I do this step, I always sew on the wrong side of the fabric, that way I know the thread from the bobbin is going to be on the right side of the fabric. *The thread from the bobbin is always easier to pull. A good trick to help you differentiate the top thread from the bobbin thread is is to use different thread colors.

    Once you sewed all around, lay your circle wrong side up and move the threads on that side out of the way towards the middle as shown in the picture. (Remember the thread from the bobbin is on the right side of the fabric).

    Place the cardboard template on top of the circle then pull on one thread, one side at the time, until half the edge is turned over. Then, pull on the other thread until all the entire edge is turned over. Press and carefully remove the template, you might have to pull the thread again to put the edge back into place then do a final press.

    Again, I don't remove the basting thread; I cut the tails after my circle is applied to the background fabric at the same time I remove the extra fabric in the back.
    Et voilà, your circle is ready to sew.

    I then lay it on my red background square, I pin and stitch it in place with a ladder stitch. The stitch is almost invisible, I have been sewing all appliqués with a red thread, you can barely see the stitches.

     Then I carefully remove the extra layer of fabric in the back and cut the tails.

    There it is!

    *For the Instagrammer ... There is a #quilty365, I have been posting progress on IG, it's another fun way to follow and interact with other circle makers.

Linking up a bit late ... with Audrey at Quilty Folk:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Six Pointed Star {Star of David} Finished

I named this quilt "Star of David" ... A different name would have been nonsensical knowing the story behind this quilt. I made this one for a dear friend of ours that was diagnosed with leukemia some years ago. He has been blessed to be part of a new drug trial and so far, he is doing really really well. He says he was born under The Star of David (it is believed to bring protection and good luck); and he doesn't miss any opportunity to remind us and, it is often the subject of laughter ... Couldn't have a better name!

I can't tell you how much he loves his quilt, he must have thanked me a hundred times and said: “You have no idea what this means to me, it's one of the best gifts I ever received”. He even sent me flowers ... I think I nailed this one!!


Some facts about this quilt:

Name: Star of David
Size: ? (I completely forgot to take the measurements)
Fabrics: Handcrafted by Alison Glass, Kaffe Fassett's Shot Cotton and Cherry Cotton Couture by Michael Miller as background.
Backing and Binding: Kaffe Fassett's Shot Cotton in (? ... It's been too long since I bought the fabric, I don't remember)
Pattern: No pattern were used, I made a rough sketch using an equilateral triangle grid I printed online.
Quilting: Spiral design in red. 
Batting: Cotton
Finished: October 2015

*** To read more about this quilt, you can access all related posts by clicking on Star of David in the Labels section on the sidebar of my blog, all relevant posts will come up.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Quilty 365

This past week, I have been making circles (they are kinda squared actually) ...
I joined the Quilty 365, it's a fun Quilt-A-Long hosted by Audrey at Quilty Folk. You can read all about it HERE.

For the next year, every day, I will be choosing a piece of fabric on the spur of the moment and make one of these blocks. It's going to be interesting to see how this project turns out.

I picked red as my main color for the background ... Red is a neutral, right??
According to Quilter Freddy Moran, it is ... :-)

Looking forward to see what everyone else will be doing.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Swoon :: A Finished Quilt

My Swoon is done ... This is another finish to add to my modest 2015 list of completed projects.
This is a lighter color type of quilt for me as I usually work with darker and colourful fabrics, but this sounded perfect for our FL house where the decor is on the lighter side.

During this time of year, the sunny days are numbered and it is often cloudy and rainy. The sun was shining that day, making it difficult for accurate photos and seems to enhance the quilting and the colors seem to disappear into the background.

I finally chose a clamshell quilting design. I am not sure it was the perfect choice ... I was looking for an edge-to-edge design and had a few ideas in mind and I decided on the clamshell.  I can't decide if I like it or dislike it ... But I can tell you, it feels good sleeping under ... It feels warm and heavy.

The next picture shows part of the process of matching the print when piecing the backing together. Three lengths of fabric were used. Here, I am using pins but, basting glue can be use as well.

All that is left to do is the label.

Quilt Stats:

Name: Swoon (I am not much of a name giver for my quilts so ...) 
Size: It finishes at 96 x 119 inches.
Fabrics: Gypsy Caravan by Amy Butler and Kona Snow
Backing: Cutting Garden in Mocha by Amy Butler
Pattern: Swoon, a Thimble Blossoms pattern by Camille Roskelley
Quilting: Clamshell design 
Batting: Wool 
Binding: Wild Poppy in Linen (this was fabric left from the backing of Fancy That
Finished: October 2015

*** To read more about this quilt, you can access all related posts by clicking on Swoon in the Labels section on the sidebar of my blog, all relevant posts will come up.

2015 FAL - Q4
(See the original finish proposal HERE

Saturday, October 24, 2015

AMH Dresden Plate :: A Finished Quilt Top

I started this quilt on a whim after watching this video on the Janome/Anna Maria Horner website. I thought it was one of the most beautiful quilts and it looked so much fun to make ... The next day, despite all the projects in the making,  I was going through all my AMH fabrics and started to cut wedges in cool and warm hues.  Making the blades was fun and very quickly I had a bunch of pretty garlands. Fun and addictive!!

 Then we went for a few short vacations in Maine and, these were put aside ...

Later on, I started to play with them again and somewhere along the way, I decided to make the Dresden Plates instead of the Dancing Fan. I had this untouched Loominous bundle ... The FQs weren't big enough for the Dresden Plates, where the idea of using two different fabric as background for each Dresden Plate.

Half of the Dresden Plate was made of equal parts of cool and warm prints. The cool part of the plate was set on the warm background half and the warm part of the plate was placed on the cool background. Turns out there was more cool then warm in the Loominous bundle, so some cooler prints were used as warm ... You get the idea?

And then, I decided to add another row and ...The struggle began ... Since I used the favorite Loominous in the first nine blocks, I was left with fabrics that didn't go so well together. To make it work, I ordered more Loominous ... 

One of the things I like about this quilt is the background, I love how using prints fills the space between the Dresden Plates.

It finishes at about 60 x 80 inches. Quilting ideas are already floating in my brain ... I am thinking maybe a mix of hand quilting and FMQ ...

And here is the back ...

It's going to be fun and interesting to quilt, I will be quilting it sometimes this winter.

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I am thrilled that my quilt was featured at Blossom Heart Quilts, QuiltStory and My Quilt Infatuation. Thank you, ladies, you spoil me this week.:-)

Sew Cute Tuesday

Friday, October 23, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2015 :: Hand Quilted Category

A warm welcome to the Blogger's Quilt Festival visitors!! 
(And apologies to my followers for posting about this quilt again)

I am thrilled to participate in The Blogger's Quilt FestivalI am entering my Clamshell Quilt in the Hand Quilted Category.

It's our favorite at the moment, we all love it very much!!

This quilt is entirely hand-sewn. I worked from top to bottom, row by row, all clamshells were sewed using the applique method using a ladder stitch. No foundation fabric was used.

Quilt Stats:

Name: Doesn't really have a name although, I have been referring to this one as "My Clamshell"
Size: 60 x 76 inches. There are 38 rows for a total of 589 clamshells (and 38 half clamshells)
Fabrics: Different fabric from my stash
Backing: Moonlit by Rashida Coleman-Hale from the Cotton + Steel Collection 
Pattern: All Clamshells were cut with AccuQuilt Go using the clamshell-4" Cutting Die.
Quilting: Hand quilted with Valdani Pearl Cotton #12
Batting: Quilters Dream Wool 
Finished: August 2015

***To read more about this quilt and see the different steps, click on Clamshell in the Labels section on the sidebar and, all relevant posts will come up. 

Thanks for visiting!!