Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 - Finish Along Q1


Here is my proposal finish list (in no particular order) for the next quarter:

 1. Scrappy Hexagon Quilt 
This is my oldest UFO; I started this quilt back in 2007-2008. The piecing is almost done, and I am looking at fabrics for the border. EEP has come a long way since then. :-)

2. Christmas Double Wedding Ring.
A version of Victoria F Wolfe beautiful Christmas quilt "Remembering Christmas Past" from her book "Double Wedding Rings - Traditions Made Modern."
I started this quilt last summer, and it has been progressing very slowly,
I am hoping to finish this one this next quarter.

3. Grandmother's Fan
I started this one last spring; I had a good start, but it was then put aside ... I would be nice to finish this one as well.

4. AMH Nine Patch
A rolled over from the last  quarters.

5. AMH Dresden Plate
On the back burner ... Still trying to decide if I should replace that yellow square in the middle.

As you can see, I have some sewing to do ...

Bob Dylan Pixel Quilt {Finished}

I finished this quilt right in time on the evening of December 23, just in time to be given to my husband a few hours later for his birthday. Oh, I scored big time!!

I have worked on this quilt since last October. I haven't talked much about it here for the reason that I was trying to keep it secret; not an easy thing to do when your husband works most exclusively from home. So I was glad when he had to go away for a week last fall. Turns out, this quilt was a bit more work that I first anticipated and I was able to piece only half of the top while he was gone; the rest was mostly sewed in the early morning hours while he was still in bed. 

I had in mind some ideas for the quilting, and finally narrow it down to matchstick quilting. My quilt shop has an older longarm machine you can rent (after taking a class of course). I took the class in the past, but I had been practicing on muslin only, this was my first project on a longarm but how hard could it be to make horizontal lines??

I was glad and relief when I first took it out of the dryer, it was so much better that I expected, and it does have a wonderful texture. :-)  That been said, straight line quilting isn't my thing but this I must admit I like very very much and will do this again for sure. My husband says the texture of the quilt reminds him of the Catalogue Blankets my mom used to make.

Some facts about this quilt:

Name: Bob Dylan
Size: 54x72" inches
Fabrics: Kona Cotton in Moss, Pewter, Ash, Oyster, Steel, Natural, Med. Grey, Coal, Shadow, Bone, Charcoal, Pepper and Ivory.
Backing Fabric: Supra in Red Chianti by Alexander Henry
Binding: Kona Cotton in Pepper
Pattern: I used YouPatch online pixelating program to create this quilt; It's amazing! You get a detailed pattern with complete instructions and fabric requirements in Kona Cotton in just a few seconds.
Quilting: Matchstick quilting by me.
Batting: 100% Cotton - Warm and Natural
Finished: December 2015

Linking up with Adrianne @On the Windy Side for the 2015 Finish-Along - Q4 Finishes. 
You can see (See the original finish proposal HERE)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Quilty365 Progress

Happy New Year everyone! As we were away for The Holidays, I haven't done any of my circles while gone so yesterday was all about catching up with this project (well, while doing laundry). I'm up to date now and here are all the blocks for the January linkup.

I started my blocks on November 5th and today is day 60. I'm still enjoying making my circles, and I'm still pretty much in love with this project. I am using fabrics from the scrap bin but also from my stash (I don't have a humongous scrap bin). I am working with the same template; I like my circles to be the same size. It's slowly taking shape ... I

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