Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Scrappy Hexagon {A Finished Quilt Top}

It's hard to believe this top is finished; there were times I thought it would never get finished ...
This quilt was the oldest UFO project I had in my 'closet'. I remember when I first started to make these epp hexagon, I couldn't stop making them, it was that addictive. On the other hand, as much as I was crazy about it, after a while I got tired of it, and it was put aside more than once.
I started this quilt back in the summer of 2008; I thought it was the perfect project to bring on a three weeks road trip. When I started this quilt almost eight years ago, there wasn't much on the subject, epp has come a long way since then; plenty of tutorials available today, techniques has evolved too.

 Before Christmas, I stumbled on this UFO and decided to lay all the units I had done so far on the floor and to my surprise, I had almost enough for a lap size quilt ... Ok, that was far from the queen size I had in mind when I first started ... But I decided that I had spent enough time on this project, and it was time to finish it. So I brought it along on our holiday vacation last Christmas. I had to come up with an idea to keep all pieces in place while traveling, so I settled on attaching all units with safety pins, it worked well. I removed the pins gradually as I sewed and filled the empty spaces with more hexies.

The picture bellow was taken after all the papers had been removed (1 333 to be precise); it has been starched and pressed, the edges have been slightly glued (tiny dots of glue) to keep everything folded in place, ready to be sewed onto the border.

After removing all the papers and basting stitches, I applied tiny dots of 'Roxanne Glue' (again) along the edges to keep in place, then appliquéd the edges onto the border using a short ladder stitch.

I chose Kaffe Fassett's Marquee in two different colorways as for border; which pairs well with all the Kaffe Fassett's fabrics (including Brandon Marbly and Collective) that went into the making of this quilt (roughly 3/4 of all fabric used).
This part is done, and now it needs to be quilted, I am looking forward to hand quilting it although I have two other quilts that need to be quilted as well ...

It's been a bit crazy around here since the beginning of the year, we bought a house, and we will be moving into it very soon, just a lot to do at the moment, less time for quilting.
That also means I will have a new sewing room, and I shall share that with you very soon.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Quilty365 - February Linkup

January, my month in circles ...

I am an early bird, a morning person, and most of my circles are made in the wee hours while enjoying my coffee. I cherish that quiet time of the day.

My circles are expanding, and the more I make, the more interesting it gets. I started on November 5th and today is day 88 ... I am using scraps but also fabric from my stash. I have two repeats so far; that's fine. Notice that I arranged my blocks so it overlaps one another to give a better idea of how it will look when finished.
It's such a fun project; the circles are fun to make, it takes about 20-30 min of each day to whip.

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